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By Kristi H. Angevine, MD, FACOG

Hi!  If we haven’t already met, I’m Kristi Angevine.  I am a board certified Ob/Gyn, a mom, and a mountain biker.  I love giving my patients the time and care they need to understand their health, their pregnancy, and to get their questions answered.

As my practice grew, I learned that it’s an art form to balance giving every patient the time they need, without making other patients wait. Juggling quality time with my patients with a fast paced schedule that ensured it didn’t take them months to get an appointment, was a skill I didn’t hear much about in medical school.

Right after I had my daughter, in the thick of sleep deprivation and figuring out my new role as a mom, my patient volume seemed to peak. I was hugely motivated to minimize work stress.  I started taking stock of what felt stressful and what brought about a sense of flow, for me as well as for my patients.

Realization #1: Daily, patient after patient shared the same things. Repeatedly, they voiced similar fears, worries, and misconceptions (thank you, Dr. Google).  Whether it was about about pap smears, pregnancy, birth control, libido, or hot flashes, there were remarkable themes to the concerns.

Realization #2:  The combination of rushing and yet saying the same thing over and over again, was draining for me.  Somedays, I wished for a magic wand that would put all my patients who had the same question in one room, so we could have a group discussion.  They’d know they weren’t alone.  I’d cover the topic just once.

My frustration also started to build as I learned how difficult it truly is to find good medical information online.  It should be easy to get helpful, current, information that doesn’t freak us out.  But it’s not that straightforward.  That’s when it hit me.

Realization #3: When people who work in medicine have a medical question, they just call or text a trusted colleague.  We cut out the middle man (the internet) and go straight for the insider.  And the peace of mind this brings is HUGE.

The idea for this blog spawned from my three realizations.  I needed a way to share reliable online information and to do it efficiently.


This site is all about bringing ease to women’s health.  It’s a place to get peace of mind during your pregnancy.  For pregnancy guidance, you can read more about the upcoming pregnancy programs here.  Not pregnant?  If you have a gynecologic concern, you can peruse the articles on the blog.

If you’ve ever had a question after your Ob/Gyn visit and didn’t want to make an another appointment, having a trusted resource at your fingertips saves you time, hassle and stress. Instead of searching online for answers or rearranging your schedule for a future appointment, you can get your concerns addressed here.


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And the rest of the story:


When not working, I like to mountain bike and race cyclocross, cook, sew, eat my husband’s delicious cooking, hang out with our sweet daughter and catch up on reading all the books I put on the back burner in medical school.  (A LOT of things go to the back burner in med school and residency!) As a mom to a toddler, like every parent, it’s work to carve out free time for exercise, sleep and self care.

But as hard as it is, I find I’m at my best when my self care, my free time and my purpose at work are all in sync.

My work as a physician is informed by this desire to feel in alignment.  In my ideal world, my patients would also feel in sync with their self care, their hobbies and their health.  In my glass-is-3/4s-full land, women’s stress about their bodies and pregnancy would be minimal because they would know how to get the information and support they need.

The way I see it, stress and worry about our health negatively impacts every aspect of the quality of our life.  When we are concerned about our health, it’s hard to feel at ease in other areas: with work, family, and kids.  And in pregnancy…stress and worry impacts EVERYTHING.


So, this is a place where you can read up to date women’s health information.

For busy ladies on the go, I summarize the highlights so you can get something useful-even if you just have 30 seconds.

If you’re pregnant, or plan to be pregnant, there are some amazing pregnancy resources that will be coming your way in the future.  Read more here or get hooked up with all the details by subscribing to the email list below.  

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She treats you as an individual, not a statistic.

Carey Lowery, Carey's Cycling Chronicles

Dr. Kristi Angevine delivered our beautiful angel. The last nine months with Dr. Angevine and the girls in her office has been wonderful! As far as my delivery experience, I will never forget when I got back to the OR I was terrified and trembling like I never had before and Dr Angevine held my hand and told me everything was going to be ok. :)) Such an amazing lady! Thanks to everyone who played a part in Bailee’s arrival!

Stephanie Linger

Couldn’t have done it without you Dr. Angevine.  Best baby doctor ever.  Even though my pregnancy wasn’t the easiest, you were there every step of the way putting us at ease.  I will always appreciate what you’ve done for us and for Elise.

Desiree Pillsbury

Her bedside manner is wonderful! I found it very easy to talk to her so I was able to ask any question without feeling judged- no matter how silly the question seemed. I was very reassured. I had questions, like every potential mom does, but at the end of our visits, I felt more at ease with the whole process. I enjoyed my experience tremendously! I’m not sure how it could have been improved. Can’t wait to do it again!

Vanessa Scott

Looking back over the last 4 years with Dr. Angevine,  I would say my knowledge has grown immensely. I feel like I’m always bragging on her and her nurses because of the experience I’ve continually had. She had a way of responding my very-emotionally charged pregnancy questions with such ease and grace. I’ve always come away feeling like she gave me the true answer and not just an opinion.  I can remember numerous times while I was pregnant with [our first] when I would tell people, “My doctor just feels like family!”  Which is completely true. Things didn’t feel sterile or routine.  Dr. Angevine, you make your Mamas feel like they have a very personalized experience.


Our baby was delivered by the best Dr. I know, Dr. Angevine… Seriously, I hate going to doctors but I always look forward to seeing her. She is caring and listens and eases my fears. When what was a relatively quick and smooth delivery, especially for a first child, things got scary when it was discovered he was stuck. Dr. Angevine, patted my hand and said it will be just another minute and then doing what she does best she delivered him without any incisions. I gladly and proudly tell everyone I know about her!

Michelle Maucere

Dr. Kristi Angevine is a compassionate and knowledgeable physician who takes pleasure in caring for her patients every step of the way. During my 2nd pregnancy, she provided tons of calm reassurance and guidance that helped get me through a couple of scares. She patiently answered all of my questions and never made me feel like I was wasting her time or that my concerns were not valid. She saw me all the way through to the delivery of a healthy baby girl! As an added bonus, my post natal recovery was a breeze. I credit Dr. Angevine’s encouragement and expertise for giving me the peace of mind I needed to be positive and focus on good outcomes. This made delivery and recovery much less stressful. Not only does Dr. Angevine provide excellent obstetrical care, she is also a fantastic gynecologist. She and her staff go out of their way to make their environment a caring and professional one. You will never walk away from a visit with unanswered questions. Look no further if you are seeking a doctor who cares for her patients and is great at what she does! Rachel Bohannon

Three weeks ago, Dr. Angevine delivered our second child, and I would have it no other way. She has a genuine love for her patients that I have never experienced with any other doctor. I have always felt heard and know that she is not going to rush me through because I’m not a number, but a person. My husband and I are very grateful for her and how she has cared for me and our babies. We would go no where else. Laura Smith

Dr. Angevine makes one of the most uncomfortable yearly experiences for a woman super comfortable and pleasant. Your time with her flows as if you are sharing a beverage and easy going conversation rather than your feet in the stirrups. She gives you her full attention and is extremely conscientious. A huge plus is also her consideration of your time!! No long wait times!!* I also appreciate her for promoting health and wellness, not just addressing problems. I feel supported by her and am completely confident in her as my vagina mechanic! (*Note from Kristi Angevine: Carrie is so kind and we have been fortunate she has not had to wait at her visits!) Carrie Breeden