Picture your ideal pregnancy:


Imagine being able to connect with an Ob/Gyn,


and ask all your pregnancy questions.


Imagine the peace of mind.


Imagine the reassurance.


Now, that’s how is should be, right?

Pregnancy is a time filled with an insane number of questions: Is this normal?  Is the baby OK?  What does it mean when x, y, z happens?  Have you ever felt that nagging uncertainty, wondering if something was typical or worth some worry? Or, you just wish you could know for sure if a pregnancy symptom was normal?

Wouldn’t it be a lifesaver if you didn’t have to wade through piles of books, multiple websites and oftentimes tons of conflicting advice online, just to get an answer?

Wouldn’t it be so reassuring to feel confident throughout your pregnancy? How about being able to get some really clear explanations about the rationale behind all the recommendations and advice? And wouldn’t it be nice to feel like you really understood the why behind all the whats? And think about all the time you would save if you could do this on your timeline, without a doctor’s appointment, from your computer.

You’re in the right place if you feel like it should not be so freaking hard to find decent pregnancy information and if you think pregnancy should be a time of confidence, ease and excited anticipation.

What if I told you there was an easy way to get great prenatal information that gave you peace of mind and confidence without angst (without having to do all the research on your own)?

What if you had rock solid access to rock solid pregnancy information?  Wouldn’t if feel good if you could get in depth advice delivered right to your inbox?  And picture how at ease you would feel if you knew you weren’t alone with your questions.

Now, imagine having a trusted Ob/Gyn friend, available for questions, from the comfort of your own computer.  

Enter, the Straight-Up Pregnancy Primer.  It runs a few times a year and comprise 21 days of emails + videos and live support in a Facebook group.  The intent is to lay the foundation for your pregnancy.  You can be the first to hear about details by signing up below.

{If you are looking for more comprehensive support that spans your entire pregnancy and postpartum period, a select number of group and one on one services will be available in the future.  Email me at kristiangevineMD at gmail if you have any questions.}

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Get your pregnancy started off right with 21 days of emails + short videos AND a private Facebook group.


  • This program brings reassurance and fun into your pregnancy by explaining obstetrical topics in a way that is crystal clear. 
  • The Pregnancy Primer Facebook community is a supportive group where you get encouragement and clarity.
  • Whether you are a new mom or have delivered before, whether you want a natural, medication-free delivery or prefer to knock the pain out asap with an epidural, whether you have a doula or not, whether you use a midwife or an Ob/Gyn, whether you desire to breast feed to formula feed— we all share common ground in pregnancy: we’re vulnerable, excited and we thrive when we feel supported.
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