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Let's get started.

Navigating women’s health in general and pregnancy in particular, can feel complicated.
Getting good medical information, reassurance and peace of mind with ease are crucial.
So even if you dread your “yearly”, a little clarity and a dose of humor from a Professional Vagina Mechanic (aka Dr. Angevine), goes a long way.  

What can you do here?  
  • Learn about pregnancy programs to get your pregnancy started off right.
  • Read about OB/GYN issues that matter most to YOU.  
  • And finally, have some fun getting insider information on all the workings (and malfunctions) of our lady parts.

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I am a board certified Ob/Gyn and I live in Chattanooga, TN with my husband and our toddler daughter. I love helping people understand their bodies and live healthy lives.

At work, it’s my mission to ensure that my patients really get it when it comes to their health and medical problems. I believe true wellness comes from more than just a pill.

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Health is complex. My goal is to translate medical concepts into something meaningful and easy to understand. Lingering questions after an appointment at the doctor prompt time consuming, online research. I want women to save time and skip the online freak-out sessions.
~Kristi Angevine